Bible Fellowships

Fellowship groups are intended to provide a non-threatening environment that will encourage people to journey together in faith. Our aim is to be church rather than to do church.

There are currently two fellowship groups.The first group meets fortnightly on a Tuesday evening from 8-10pm for an unhurried exploration of faith, discipleship and prayer. For more information contact Wendy on 01525 873871.

The second group meets weekly on a Thursday evening from 8pm-10pm for fellowship, bible study and prayer. For more information contact Tania on 01525 873879 or 07957 941481.

Our hope is that everyone in the church will be encouraged to join in fellowship in this way. One of the first things that Jesus did was to form a small group where twelve ordinary people were transformed into effective disciples through study, prayer and loving support and encouragement. This example is one followed by the early church and the modern chuch alike.

You are very welcome to come along to either of the groups to find out what they are like and to join us in fellowship.